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Oscar Wilde

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        Oscar Wilde's works have been influenced by many factors that he was exposed to during his lifetime such as his homosexuality and the difficulties he found in his marriage. In addition, since he lived during the Victorian era, he was part of the aestheticism movement and wrote "art for art's sake." He did not have the intentions of becoming an author with the purpose to please an audience but, to express his ideals and feelings. Most of his works expose a balance of good and evil expressing such themes as marriage, mortality and innocence.
        His first feelings of homosexuality arose at a time where his literary works, which were mostly poems, were not very well-known. However, his new interest in same sex relationships affected his writings by increasing his productivity and improving the quality. These homosexual feelings could be seen as a turning point in Wilde's career. The guilt he felt about his homosexuality and hiding it from his wife caused him to focus more on themes of evil and suffering.
        Moreover, since Wilde wrote during the Victorian era, the morals and standards posed by the current society also affected his writings. He chose to ridicule the people who conform to all these societal expectations. Fundamentally, Oscar Wilde intended to write "art for art's sake", to show people the beauty of life and that one does not have to follow a strict guide book to succeed in life. It did not matter if one had to be polite or rude as long as he was himself.

Jessica Leu
Coral Gabes Senior High
12th grade IB