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Oscar Wilde

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Other Writers Influenced by Wilde
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As controversial as it might seem, the writings of Oscar Wilde inspired other authors to follow in his style. Max Beerbohm, an acclaimed British author, was an admirer of Oscar Wilde. In 1893, they became personally acquainted as Beerbohm was still attending Oxford. At the time, Wilde had already established himself as a commendable author. The first book that Beerbohm had read of Wilde's novels was "Intentions". While, Beerbohm was at college, the Wildean style was very popular among his friends as it also influenced his own writings as well.

In addition, Wilde's novels influenced Max Beerbohm towards the same literary movement, aestheticism, which Wilde wrote in. Similarly, he wanted art to also be judged on the basis of beauty alone and did not want external issues such as morals or history to influence his context. Also, it can be seen that Beerbohm liked the comedy that Wilde integrated within his works. He tried to blend color and comedy together in order to bring the best of the beauty of art.

Although they had much in common, there were a few things that Beerbohm did not agree with the social outlooks that Wilde held. Beerbohm did not believe in drinking and dishonesty, while Wilde made that a central topic in his works. Thus, this is what made Beerbohm a little bit more different than Wilde. He kept his admiration at a distance so that his own beliefs would not be influenced by that of Wilde's. While he glorified Wilde's unique writing style, he was still able to respect him for his social ideas of morality.

Jessica Leu
Coral Gabes Senior High
12th grade IB