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Oscar Wilde

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"In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing."
-The Importance of Being Earnest

Oscar Wilde's style is what defines him as a legendary writer that is still highly recognized in literature today. His usage of language and particular style is influenced by Aestheticism, which focuses on the need of "art for art's sake". There was no intention of creating a piece of work to deliver a moral message. Wilde wanted his style to reflect the beauty of the human experience. Thus, most of his writing is decorated in elaborate phrases of sensory imagery. Oscar Wilde implements the imagery in order to create rich vivid detail that will allow the reader to relate to the characters.

In addition, his style is usually complex as it is composed of long periodic sentences. His sentence structure is a way of demonstrating his indifference to the uptight Victorian society. His unorganized writing style reflects his refusal to submit to Victorian norms. Wilde utilizes his sentences to present his bold and daring ideas at his own pace. Also, he incorporates many types of literary devices as a way of allowing only the educated and wealthy individuals of his society to read his work. They are his target that he wishes to ridicule.

Moreover, his blunt and offensive social ideas are integrated with his satire. As only the wealthy are well educated enough to understand his works, he uses his imagination and wit to mock them. The use of puns and paradoxes are the major components of humor that he uses to attract his audience. Wilde's writing style is anything but boring as it is rarely without any use of literary devices. Thus, at the time his writing created much controversy as the nature of evil was usually the underlying theme of his works.

Jessica Leu
Coral Gabes Senior High
12th grade IB